1 day jinja tour

With a first stop in Mabira forest for a nature walk, this one-day Jinja city trip adventure takes you from Entebbe International Airport, the capital of Uganda, to Jinja city, providing the ideal opportunity to engage in adventurous activities. The following activities include taking a boat journey to the well-known Nile source, followed by a visit to the 7-meter-tall Sezibwa Falls, which makes a lovely hissing sound.

1 day jinja tour safari Detailed itinerary

After your morning meal, the driver guide will come to pick you up at approximately 7:00 am from the Entebbe international airport or your preferred place of residence. The guide will first provide you an overview of your one-day itinerary to Jinja, one of Uganda’s most popular tourist destinations. Next, you will start your tour by traveling down the Kampala -Jinja road, passing by tea and sugar plantations as well as vibrant roadside marketplaces selling fruits and vegetables.

Experiencing the Mabira Woodland

For an exciting nature walk or forest adventure, the first stopover is at Mabira Forest, the largest rain forest in Uganda. You may be able to spot a variety of mammals, primates, birds, butterflies, and tree or plant species as you walk around the forest pathways. More than 300 different species of birds live in the forest.

Following your two-hour stroll through this extraordinarily diverse rainforest, we head back to the road and make your way to Jinja town in preparation for our upcoming adventure to the Source of the Nile.

Cruise by boat to the well-known historical Source of the Nile

After there, you will carry on to one of Uganda’s most well-known historical tourist destinations, the Source of the mighty River Nile. During the boat voyage from the Nile’s beaches to the precise site where the Nile originates, you can see a variety of bird species, including as cormorants, egrets, fish eagles, and pelicans. You can see the precise location of the Nile’s beginning and its junction with Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater lake.

Along with enjoying a boat excursion into Lake Victoria and taking in the movements of the lake’s and the Nile’s water, you will also have time for some photography.

Later, the guide shall drive back to Jinja town for lunch after the boat ride.

Visiting the Buganda cultural heritage site at Sezibwa Falls

Following lunch, we resume our journey to Sezibwa Falls in Mukono District, our last tourism stop of the day, where you will learn about the history of the river and the falls. Along with folktales and traditional healers, it is a cultural site. The adjacent forest is home to a variety of bird species and several animal species, including monkeys.

The Luganda term “sizibwa Kkubo,” which means “my path can never be blocked,” is the source of the name Sezibwa. The natives believe this is why the river could not be stopped, despite all the barriers it encountered, including the Rocks.

The stopover will take you to stunning falls that create a lovely hissing sound, offer you an insight into the Buganda kingdom’s ancient beliefs, and provide you with excellent photo opportunities amidst the stunning scenery.

Later, set off to return to Kampala or the designated drop-off location.